Chewit Self





Creative artist able to tattoo in all styles. Specialises in Japanese, Horror Realism and Neo Traditional


Chewit first started his tattooing career around 8 years ago as an apprentice for Marcin Ptak at Ink dependant in Edinburgh. Prior to this, he had been a freelance artist working in graphics (logo design), Clothing (customisation – working with Nike and All Saints), Painting and Graffiti (shop signage, Nightclub and Bar artwork). The skills gained earlier on in his artistic career helped him to transition smoothly into the tattoo industry, especially using his skills with graphics, as he can create beautifully thought out designs quickly and efficiently.

During his three-year apprenticeship, he studied all styles of tattoos from Dot work to Japanese to Realism and he continues to tattoo this way. His style preference is Japanese, horror realism and Neo Traditional BUT he is happy working in all styles.

In recent years Chewit moved from Edinburgh to Manchester and worked in a couple of studios there before opening his own private studio close to the Etihad stadium.

In January of 2018 Chewit became a member of the #KillerBeeCrew and subsequently began working at Immortal Art studio as a guest artist. In August of the same year he decided to relocate to Carlisle and is now a fully-fledged permanent resident artist available for all your tattooing needs!!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name…he LOVES sweets! Chewit’s diary is now open and ready to take bookings.


ANY QUESTIONS? | Tel: 01228 514115 | 13 Castle Street, Carlisle, CA3 8SY
Opening Hours Tues-Sat 10am-6pm