Richard Tattoo artist






Creative freehand artist able to tattoo in all styles specialises in bio mechanical work and scar camouflage.



Richard Batey is the creator and CEO of the Immortal group. He started tattooing when he was only 11 years old! He made his first tattoo machine when he was only 12 years old and became a professional artist at the age of 14. Turning his artwork to custom cars at 19 years old and by 21 his work appeared on the front cover of leading car magazines and his custom paintwork went on to win Best in Britain TWICE!

In 2011 Richard returned to tattooing and opened Immortal Art Studio. He started building tattoo machines again in 2012 and his award-winning Killer Bee tattoo machines are now used by hundreds of top artists around the world!

Richard can undertake all styles of tattoos including coverups but prefers to work on large scale creative freehand designs in colour or black and grey.

He is also responsible for the most viral tattoo the internet has ever seen with over 2 million likes in two days on social media and been featured in newspapers and internet blogs around the world.

He specialises in a form of cosmetic tattooing he calls scar camouflage and, in some cases, has made scars completely disappear!

Richard also tattoos 3D realistic nipples for patients that have been through breast cancer. A top plastic surgeon from London’s Harley Street once said Richards nipples were the best he had ever seen!

So, if you’re looking for a highly creative artist with over three decades of experience, a fantastic bedside manner and a tattoo with the WOW factor then you’ve probably found your man! Richard’s diary is now open and ready to take bookings.

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Opening Hours Tues-Sat 10am-6pm