· We will not tattoo on the side of hands, palms, fingers, or bottom of the foot.

· No Barcode tattoos

· No pieces with any kind of racist connotations

Our studio is now appointment based. We now require a consultation unless you have been advised otherwise by a member of staff.

To book in please read the following instructions:

· Click the purple book now button located on the bottom right of the screen. (This appears as ‘book’ on mobile)

· Select the option ‘Tattoo’ from the list.

· Select the artist who you would like to book a consultation with. If you are unsure which artist you need to book with, you can check our artist page for more information. If you still need assistance, you can call us on 01228 514115 or send us an email.

· From here you can follow the steps such as choosing a date and time that works best for you.

· If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one.

Please come prepared with photos of what you have in mind if you can (you can do this on your phone, printing is not necessary)

Consultations on average last around 15 minutes however we expect them to last up to 45 minutes depending on the artist.

If you have any issues, please give us a call on 01228 514115.

Please bring as much reference as possible as this helps determine the time needed and the suitable artist for the type of work

You can also send us reference pictures by email or Facebook prior to you coming in to speak to us if you are unable to have them on your phone or print anything out.

Rates per artist are discussed during your consultation. You will need to pay a deposit to book your appointment.

If you book multiple sessions the deposit rolls over to each individual appointment and on the last sitting the deposit will come off the total amount on that day.

13 Castle Street



Opening Hours:

Tues – Sat 10am-6pm